Direct Support Professionals Needed

Carey Services, Inc.
Job Description
Job Summary – Supported Living:  The DSP provides direct support, instruction and assistance to persons living in the community.  Health and safety, community inclusion and daily living skills focus training areas for this position. The DSP provides daily living skills assistance to consumers who live in a residential setting. Responsible for supervising and instructing adult clients in the areas of daily living skills, facilitating group and individual interventions within the facility and community, and assisting consumers in the completion of their individualized goals and objectives. 
A.  Ensure the safety and welfare of the consumers served.  Train in areas of health and safety, basic first aid, and accessing emergency assistance. 
B.  Assist and directly support consumers in activities of daily living such as meal preparation, housekeeping, laundry, money management, social skills, and hygiene and grooming. 
C.  If the consumer is not able to complete housekeeping or meal preparation tasks the CSS is responsible for the completion of these tasks. 
D.  Accompanies the consumer into the community, leading to a more inclusive lifestyle.
E.  Follow the Individual Service Plan for the consumer you are supporting.
F.  Assist in areas of health maintenance of consumer.  Tasks might include supporting consumer in areas of medication administration, assisting consumer with obtaining medications refills, assisting consumer with obtaining medication refills, assisting with transporting to community medical appointments.
G.  Implement behavior management techniques, plans and approaches when needed.
H.  Provide transportation for consumers to and from work and other community activities or appointments when needed.
I.  Be available to work as substitute staff when necessary with other consumers in Supported Living.
J.  Mentor other staff on job responsibilities when appropriate.  
K.  Remember that you are a visitor in the home of the consumer you are supporting.  All appliances such as television, telephone, computer, etc. should be used with the permission and preferences of the consumer in mind.
PT-Wed 6:30am-3:30pm every other Sat and Sun 6:30am-330pm  
FT-Sun-6am to 2pm, Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri 2pm to 10pm  
PT-Sun 147 8:30am-8:30pm, Mon - Fri 106 6am-8am, Fri 147 4pm-8:30pm
FT- Fri,Sat, Sun,Wed 4pm-12am and Sun 8am-4pm
322 Logansport        
FT - Week 1 - Tues - Fri 2p - 9p & Sat 8a - 6p & Week 2 - Mon - Fri 8a - 4p  
FT - Week 1 - Tues - Fri 2p - 9p & Sat 8a - 6p & Week 2 - Mon - Fri 8a - 4p  
PT - Week 1 - Mon - Fri 4p - 9p & Week 2 - Wed - Fri 4p - 9p & Sat 8a-4p  
PT - Week 1 - Mon - Tues 4p - 9p & Sat 8a-4p & Week 2 - Mon - Fri 4p - 9p  
323 North (Wabash, IN)  
FT - Mon - Fri - 9a to 5p    
417 SL (Wabash, IN)  
FT-Sun Mon Fri Sat 7a-5p    
FT-Th 11a-5p, F 5p-9p, Sat 9a-5p, Sun 9a-9p
FT-Sun 9p-9a, Tues Wed 11p-9a, F 8a-4p
PT-M W F 4p-9p, Sun 8a-4p  
422 Hartford City (Hartford City, IN)
FT Sun-Thus 2p-10p  
FT Wed-Sat 10p-8a
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